nba 2k19 x they will know your name

Behind every legend is a narrative that shapes their legacy.

To launch NBA 2K19, we created a campaign that asked gamers to craft their own narratives.

lebron james cover launch

Featuring 2 Chainz, Rapsody and Cleveland-native, Jerreau.


giannis antetokounmpo cover launch

Featuring VO by Momma Antetokounmpo.

Yes, I met 2 Chainz.

Yes, I met 2 Chainz.


Post-launch, people started designing their own versions of our cover. Someone even made one for the ultimate brick-master: Michael Scott.


A few people created videos capturing their live reactions to our launch films. THIS GUY'S was especially entertaining. 

With Sinan Dagli, Zach Shapiro

Director: Angus Wall (Elastic)

Animation (Giannis): MK12

Shoutouts: Creativity Online, AdWeek, The Drum — US Work of the, Variety, CBS Sports, Yahoo! Sports, High Snobiety, SB Nation, USA Today, UPROXX, Washington Post, Hype Beast, Bleacher Report, Forbes, Agency Spy, Daily Mail and

Recognition: ADC Bronze; One Show Shortlist; Clio Sports Silver, 2x Bronze; Clio Entertainment Silver and Bronze; AICP Post Shortlist; Graphis Gold and Silver