BSSP is an independent agency. So for Fourth of July, we took a cue from the US of A and celebrated our independence.


We shot and edited the above and below videos in-house over the course of 48 hours.

Freedom Teasers


Liberating GIFs

We followed our video launch by sharing a series of inspiring GIFs. 

Freedom is a privilege only guts, backbone and prop swords can protect. #IndependentAgency

While the USA celebrates its independence, we celebrate ours. Thanks for showing us the way, America. #IndependentAgency

At BSSP, we value our independence. You know who else values independence? America, that’s who. #IndependentAgency

Choose independence. Choose freedom. Choose blinking awkwardly for no apparent reason. #IndependentAgency

Behind the scenes magic.

With Mary Wuensch

Shoutouts: Agency SpyThe Drum, SF EgotistCampaign LiveAd Pulp